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Video Marketing for the Medical Sector

video marketing for the medical sectorFor many in the medical industry, providing engaging and educational content for individuals at the point of an online medical query is one of the most pivotal and differentiating marketing tactics that a healthcare provider could take to gain new, potential patients.  In a blog post we published on Why Inbound Marketing Is for the Medical Sector, we noted that 77% of health information searches start online. 

Pew Research reports that 87% of US adults have Internet access, and 72% of those Internet users have searched for health-related information within the past year.  Online medical searches are largely the same across insured and uninsured, but they tend to be weighed towards the female gender, more educated, and younger demographics. An admitted 35% of online users are considered “online diagnosers,” meaning that they use the Internet in order to self-diagnose or attempt to diagnose for someone else.  All of these facts point to the need to be found with useful and easily digested information when the online search is performed...your next patient is in this mix!

The relevance of all of this online searching, in an attempt at self-diagnosis, provides a marginal advantage for healthcare providers when their information is found first.  The caveat to being the first search engine results is that your content must be informative and relevant A Google study on video usage in the healthcare sector presents several compelling facts:

  • 119% increases, year-over-year, in visit to healthcare related videos on YouTube
  • 56% of healthcare related video views stem from a desire to understand complicated treatments or procedures
  • 64% of views are to gain better knowledge about the healthcare facility or hospital
  • 32% of online healthcare video views are of patient generated video
  • 43% of patients watch other patients video testimonials

The Skinny on Video Marketing

It is widely understood and accepted that video marketing is the most engaging form of communication and the fastest-growing sector in online advertising.  Video promotions are six times more effective than print and direct mail promotions. According to a Forrester research survey from 2010, a website product page with video is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs) than a page with no video.

With 1 billion unique visitors going to YouTube EVERY MONTH, and 28% of all Google searches being “YouTube,” the power of online video is undeniable.

  • The average Internet user watches 186 videos every single month. 
  • When offered the same exact content, 60% of online users will watch a video before reading the same content. 
  • After watching a video, visitors will stay on the site for an additional two minutes.

According to,

  • The world watches 3 billion hours of online video DAILY! That’s 340,000 YEARS of video every 24 hours!!
  • More video content is uploaded in 30 days than was produced in the past 30 years by the 3 Major Broadcast Networks.
  • 2014 online video ad spend is projected to jump from 1.9 7 billion in 2013 to 5.7 billion

Diode Digital says:

  • YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world and the third most visited site in the world.
  • Over 90% of Internet traffic is video.
  • Video makes up 50% of mobile wireless network traffic, and by 2017, that number will be 66%.

For many in the medical sector, video is an opportunity to provide high-value information or to develop a personality in front of potential patients.  Not only does video help website pages rank better with the search engines, it provides a better user experience which should be the ultimate goal for anyone in the world of marketing.

BlinkJar Media has extensive experience in video production and marketing of our client's videos, encompassing all facets of inbound marketing.  If you are healthcare firm that has come upon the need and the desire to completely market to your existing and potential audiences, we can help you with incorporating video marketing into the inbound marketing fold in which we specialize.

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