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The Local Media Advertising Sale: Buyer Beware

Media Advertising Sale.jpgJust the other day I told my friend I'd love some new dresses for work. Because she is awesome, she sent me a $50 off dress sale ad from Ann Taylor. I liked the dresses -- the style, the colors, and the length. The only thing that bugged me was the price. Even with the $50 off, the price was still more than I wanted to spend. Also, the marketer in me knew that they'd have a deeper discount down the line or I may find a similar dress at a different retailer for a lower price, and I would be kicking myself for falling for the $50 off incentive. So, I passed and moved on with my life.

Should A Local Advertiser Purchase Deals Offered by Local Media Outlets?

What does this have to do with local media advertising? In a nutshell, everything. Local media buyers and business owners are keen on the latest media blitz or package. Whether it's the XYZ hurricane package, the LSU game of the week package, or the buy 7000 spots for $7 package, deals are hard to ignore. As the person who places media for many different companies in many different formats, I understand. However, just as with the Ann Taylor dress, there will always be another sale or alternative waiting for you around the corner.

It turns out my hunch on that Ann Taylor dress was spot on, and I ended up getting two of the dresses for close to the price of one. Passing on the original ad for $50 off turned out to be a wise decision. The case is precisely the same when weighing local advertising opportunities. If you pass on one, there will always be another prospect waiting for you around the corner.

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