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Exactly What Does BlinkJar Media Do For Clients?

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So, exactly what does BlinkJar Media Do for Clients? I probably get this question three or four times a week.  And, it is a very reasonable question to ask, as we are certainly cutting against the grain of the traditional ad agency business in Baton Rouge.  In fact, I still am not convinced my wife, who is in the world of marketing and advertising, still one hundred percent understands the whole Inbound Marketing concept.  But, once someone sees the concept in action, the light bulb for the business owner definitely comes on in a very big way.

BlinkJar Media is an Inbound Marketing Agency with Traditional Marketing Roots.  What the heck does this mean?  Inbound Marketing is a relatively new term that has surfaced over the last six years.  It was coined by the founders of Hubspot, Brian Halligan and Darmesh Shah.  Hubspot defines Inbound Marketing as marketing that is useful. It means acquiring customers by attracting and nurturing prospects through content creation, as opposed to interrupting them.  It means pulling prospects in with a magnet, through valuable and relative content, as opposed to beating them over the head with a sledge hammer with unrelated and insignificant messages.

There are many platforms or software systems that one can use for their Inbound Marketing efforts. But, no product brings them all together in one easy to use tool, like Hubspot. BlinkJar Media happens to be a believer and seller of the Hubspot system.

Most Inbound Marketing specialist will say that traditional advertising is dead.  This is where we differ.  BlinkJar Media believes that traditional media can be very effective when carried out in the right way.  In fact, many of our clients use both Inbound Marketing and Traditional Media.  

For BlinkJar Media, our unique selling proposition to owners is our ability to connect all of the marketing efforts of a business in one platform.  There is an old saying in marketing and advertising that says, "50% percent of my advertising is effective, I am just not sure which 50%". With our strategy, this old statement is put to bed.  Today, at BlinkJar Media, we certainly have all the means and metrics to track everything, and that is exactly what we do.

One may say, we already track our web traffic through Google Analytics.  Great, that is the first step.  But, there is a HUGE difference between Google Analytics and Marketing Analytics.  Google Analytics shows you raw numbers.  Marketing Analytics (BlinkJar Media) shows you real people. Real people is who you want to attract and convert as a local business owner, not pages views or unique users. As Hubspot describes it, "Web analytics (Google) platforms collect anonymous, aggregate data on how users interact with your website. This information can help you identify common flows through your website and points of friction, but it doesn't tell you anything about who these users actually are."

Marketing Analytics (BlinkJar) provides you insight into the leads and customers that are visiting your site.  It’s valuable information on a leads’ interests and intentions that can help you convert more leads into customers.  Hubspot CMO, Mike Volpe takes the Marketing Analytics a step further by saying, "Marketing analytics includes data not only from your website, but also from other sources like email, social media, and even offline events. Marketing analytics are also usually people-centric, featuring the prospect, lead, or customer as the unit of focus, whereas web analytics usually regard the page view as the unit of focus in its reports."

So, at BlinkJar Media, we are able to connect the marketing analytics of Inbound Marketing with the strategy and promotional efforts of all traditional media.  So, at the end of each month, our clients receive an extremely powerful and in-depth analysis of their marketing.  And, that is why there is no more guess work as it relates to a local business and their advertising and marketing efforts. Pretty exciting times that we live in, huh?  

What are your thoughts?

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