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Social Media Theory vs. Reality For A Local Business Owner

Social Media Theory vs. Reality

To say that there is an abundance of Social Media Theory out there, is one of the largest understandments in the world. Everyone seems to have their own input or take on what makes social media go round. Do you know why that is? The main reason is the low cost of entry.  Let me restate that better by saying, the "no cost of entry".  Anyone can play.  So, because you have a facebook account or you send random tweets, are you an expert on what converts business from the social media world?  Don't misunderstand me, some of the theories out there are great.  But, social media theory vs Reality for a local business owner is an important topic to cover. For local business owners, there comes a time when the RUBBER MUST HIT THE ROAD, and theory must take a back seat to real day application.

One of my favorite bloggers, speakers, and leaders in the Inbound Marketing or Social Media world today is Marcus Sheridan.  The reason that I love his stuff is because it is REAL DAY situations, stories and applications from the lives of local business owners.  Marcus started River Pools and Spas back in 2001, when it was struggling to keep pace.  But, through the insight and leadership of Marcus, the River Pools and Spas business grew to be one of the biggest pool company's of its kind in the world today. In short, Marcus took theory and applied the Inbound Marketing tools that made sense with his business.  Because of his hard work, approach and dedication, River Pools and Spas become one of the most successful pool businesses in the world.

Recently, Marcus blogged about theory in the social media world.  On one of my favorite sites, The Sales Lion, Marcus (@thesaleslion) says it best, "Social media, content marketing, and all this stuff we talk about are potentially amazing for any business—but only if done in such a way that leads to a stronger financial foundation for which to build the company upon." Marcus goes on to say that theory needs to take a back seat to reality.

I couldn't agree more with Marcus.  When it comes to information on Inbound Marketing, Social Media, etc, there are endless options.  I am like a sponge when it comes to learning more about the direction Marketing is taking us.  However, at some point, we all should start applying techniques and application that makes sense for our individual business sectors. Stop Preaching and start doing.  

In theory, most of the social media applications seem easy.  Again, if anyone can enter and "play", then it must mean they can market on these platforms as well, right?

Sometimes, it is not always as easy as it looks.  Theory is great.  However, theory does not sell more cars, build more homes, raise more foundations, repair more roof tops, clean more teeth, perform more Lasik surgeries, repair more wrecked cars, cure back pain, or sell more plants.

What will help these local businesses are marketing organizations who will have the street smarts to apply the theories that make sense to their particular industry.  This is no easy task, and it certainly is not something that will happen overnight.  However, over time, this real day approach will benefit both the client and the marketing organization. 

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