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Whitepapers With High-Level Information

Whitepapers differ from blogs and other forms of content as they have more detailed information associated with them.  Whitepapers are more serious in tone than a blog, and they are more professional in design and appearance. Crafting an in-depth whitepaper may take weeks, as the needed research, content creation, and design can take days to perfect. Readers expect whitepapers to contain high level information backed by well-documented stats and quotes.  It is not a project that can be quickly thrown together.  Considerable time and effort must be taken to ensure the whitepaper delivers the desired results to both your organization and your potential or existing clients.

The primary purpose of a whitepaper is two-fold:

  1. Provide high-quality content that secures your position as a thought leader within your industry in the minds of your consumers.  
  2. Secure lead information from interested, potential clients.

Given the breadth of a whitepaper, this is information which is typically offered in a downloadable format such as a PDF.   In order to obtain a copy of the file, it is important that interested users complete a form, requesting that the document be emailed to them.  This offers the user the benefit of access to much-needed information while also providing your organization with contact information for new leads.  

There is a fine art to both compiling and promoting a whitepaper.  The topic must be compelling.  The content must be authoritative and well-written, and even the call-to-action must be attractive and capitivating.  At BlinkJar Media, we understand these important, fundamental elements and know how to implement them properly for the highest level of results.