BlinkJar Media Jacqueline Pierce


Jacqueline Pierce

Social Media Manager


Dog Mom, Strategic/Futuristic, Millenial (proud of it), daywalker (look up definition on urban dictionary), most introverted extrovert there is.

This is my first job in the industry. I recently moved to Baton Rouge from Mobile, Alabama. I grew up in Colorado before moving to Alabama, so the Rocky Mountains will always be home to me. I have always been creative and am passionate about business and wanted to combine the two as a career. I recently graduated from the University of South Alabama in Mobile with a BA in Strategic Communication and a focus in Advertising Account Planning and Management. After failing accounting and being advised to change majors I made the best decision (of my life so far) by switching half way through my college career – this is where I found my passion(s). I really aspire to be like/look up to David Ogilvy  – his passion for advertising, thoughts/feelings, beliefs on the business and all it entails; I believe still can ring true today and remain timeless. I’m obsessed (to put it lightly) with the Mad Men Era of Advertising – it’s my favorite. Mary Wells Lawrence is also a hero of mine (read her book if you haven’t already).

I’m excited about being at BlinkJar because not only am I getting to finally do what I love every day – social media and writing but I get to do it for industries/clients I have experience in (medical and food/restaurant) and those I don’t - which makes researching and truly getting to know every in and out about the client’s business, products/services, customers, consumers of the industries all the more interesting to me. I am stoked to be apart of an agency that’s not only growing but really focuses on the future of marketing/advertising and how it can benefit the client(s), especially BJM being the first inbound marketing agency in BR. Being the Social Media Manager allows me to use my strengths of being futuristic, a relator, strategic but also keeps me on my toes which allows me to adapt and be challenged. Something that also attracted me to BlinkJar was the team – it’s smaller compared to a lot of agencies you typically see but has the “family vibe” to it and I dig that a lot.