BlinkJar Media Jacqueline Pierce


Jacqueline Pierce

Social Media Manager


Dog Mom, Proud Millennial, Extreme Introverted Extrovert, Janis Joplin in past life.


Although Jacqueline recently moved to Baton Rouge from Mobile, Alabama, her formative years were spent in Colorado. Jacqueline graduated from the University of South Alabama, Mobile, with a BA in Strategic Communication and a focus in Advertising Account Planning and Management. Having always been creative and immensely about business, she found a way to combine the two in the world of advertising where her passions merged beautifully. Her aspiration to emulate David Ogilvy whose zeal for advertising, thoughts, beliefs on the business and all it entails, still ring true today. Mary Wells Lawrence is also a hero of hers (her book is a must-read). It’s no surprise that Jacqueline is obsessed with the Mad Men Era of Advertising.

Becoming part of BlinkJar’s team is a rush first because Jacqueline gets to work with what she loves every day – social media and writing. On top of that, she’ll be dealing with industries/clients that she is familiar with drawing on her experience in the medical and restaurant industries. Researching and getting to know all the ins and outs of client’s businesses, products/services, and consumers of the industries make the job all the more interesting to her to those she isn’t familiar with.

Jacqueline is thrilled to be a part of an agency that’s not only growing but focuses on the future of marketing/advertising and how it can benefit clients. The fact that BlinkJar Media is the first Inbound Marketing agency in BR adds to the excitement. As the Social Media Manager, she expects to be challenged, to be adaptable and to use her futuristic thinking, communication, and strategy skills to the max. What attracted Jacqueline to BlinkJar was the team itself: smaller compared to agencies you typically see but with the “family vibe” she digs in a work place.