Award Winning Marketing for Gastroenterology Practices

Gastroenterology Marketing Earns SCOPY Awards


BlinkJar Media, agency of records for Gastroenterology Associates, is extremely proud to announce that the inaugural SCOPY awards, held by the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), has resulted in a stellar THREE wins, including the 2014 and 2015 colorectal cancer awareness campaigns receiving “Best Original Communication Campaign by a Private GI Practice,” “Best Infographic from a Private GI Practice” for Get Behind Screening, and “Most Humorous” for the Things that are Scary video.

BlinkJar Media has been engaged with Gastroenterology Associates since early 2013.  The scope of marketing handled by BlinkJar Media for the 17 doctor practice has ranged from traditional advertising methods such as TV, Print, and direct mail to inbound and digital marketing initiatives, largely consisting of blogging, whitepaper creation, site optimization and development, online display ads, video marketing, email, social, and tracking/analytics monitoring.

The Gastroenterology Associates Marketing Committee, comprised of Dr. Neelima Reddy, Dr. Kirk Mullins, and Dr. Ryan Chauvin, worked closely with BlinkJar Media on the budgeting, planning, and creative review processes to reach as many potential patients as possible, within budget while crafting innovative campaigns that win attention and prompt action.

Online appointment tracking through the digital marketing efforts proved successful with an undetermined number of appointments booked in 2013 to 35 appointments scheduled online in March 2014 and a 100% increase to 70 appointments scheduled online in March 2015. 

Website traffic also has grown in the duration of BlinkJar’s relationship with Gastroenterology Associates, as can be seen (Image below) in the overall visits to the site climbing from 10,733 in 2014 to 14,828 in 2015 and the organic traffic rocketing from 2014 at 3,011 to 6,275 in 2015.

Total Website Traffic Growth for Gastroenterology Associates

Web Marketing Traffic Gastroenterology Associates


Total Organic Traffic Growth for Gastroenterology Associates

Organic Web Traffic for GI Practice

The caliber of work is recognized by one of the national professional organizations to which our client has memberships, the ACG. Gastroenterology Associate’s colorectal cancer marketing and awareness campaigns were judged against other gastroenterology practices, institutions, and physicians across the nation and Puerto Rico.

The announcement on the website for Gastroenterology Associates can be viewed here.  The SCOPY Awards booklet is also available to download and view here.

BlinkJar Media is extremely proud of the work that was produced in the collaboration with Gastroenterology Associates.  Please take some time to view each of the award winning pieces and campaigns below.  

Gastroenterology Print Advertising

The overall goal for the marketing campaign was to increase local awareness of colorectal cancer and to stimulate the public to take action by scheduling a colorectal screening. Print and television were the primary vehicles for the traditional advertising efforts. An aggressive inbound marketing campaign was built to sync with the traditional advertising efforts. Some of the inbound marketing consisted of blogging, whitepaper creation, digital banners, social media marketing, email marketing, and marketing analytics. 

With sophisticated marketing analytics, BlinkJar was able to track and analyze all marketing and advertising efforts. By analyzing and reporting on these efforts in real-time, the marketing team at BlinkJar was able to make appropriate adjustments to the campaign. When this type of agile marketing is at play, it ensures that the marketing and advertising budget is utilized to its greatest potential. 

2015 Things That Are Scary Campaign

One of the biggest challenges of marketing and advertising today is capturing the attention of the audience. We live in an over-communicated world where the average consumer is exposed to over 5000 messages per day. Our goal with this campaign was to create something that was unique and different, but also captured the attention of the audience. The Things That Are Scary campaign took a humorous approach through the utilization of kids. By discussing things that are scary to them, these kids no doubt grabbed the attention of the viewer. The second portion of the commercial transitioned to colon cancer and the importance of a colorectal screening. This transition from a humorous situation to a very serious one resonated well with the audience and most importantly, drove traffic to the website for information on colorectal screenings. We wanted to focus attention on the importance of screening but also wanted to do so in a unique fashion. 

Relevant Blogs Created for Campaign: 

This Appointment Can Save Your Life 

Why I Don't Want A Colonoscopy, Part I 

Why I Don't Want A Colonoscopy, Part II 

Why I Don’t Want A Colonoscopy, Part III 

Who Does Colonoscopy in Baton Rouge? 

Why Go To Gastroenterology Associates For My Treatment? 

Get Your Rear In Gear Baton Rouge 

News Coverage of the Campaign:



2014 Get BEHIND Screening Campaign

Presenting facts and statistics on the state of colorectal health and prevention in the Baton Rouge region was the main driver in the 2014 campaign. Louisiana ranks 46th in the nation for timely colorectal cancer screening, falling far short of the national goal of 75-80%. With colorectal cancer being so incredibly preventable, our goal was to drive home the message that EVERYONE needs to be screened according to the recommended guidelines. 


What is a colonoscopy? 

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month! 

What do I need to Know About Colon Cancer? 

Colonoscopies in Baton Rouge 

Colon Cancer Symptoms


Get BEHIND Screening – 2014

Infographics are one of the best vehicles to communicate messages with large amounts of data or statistics. Colorectal cancer has many attention grabbling statistics. Knowing that Infographics would be one of the best ways to grab the attention of the Baton Rouge target market, we decided to develop an infographic for Colorectal Cancer awareness. The statistics used were a combination of national and local (Louisiana) data which we felt would resonate with the target market. 

Once the infographic design was approved by Gastroenterology Associates of Baton Rouge, we utilized the image for in-room signage, print ads, online display ads, roadside banners, and website images. 

2015 Things That Are Scary Campaign

Juxtaposition of two unlikely things in this commercial had the intent of entertaining and grabbing the attention of everyone.  Communicating health messages can be difficult to complete in the amount of time that the viewer is willing to give to any marketing medium.  We feel that the message and winning of attention is accomplished nicely in these two versions of the same commercial. So, What Scares You?