Facebook For Professional & Medical Firms

Facebook Advertising Produces Results


Why Should A Business Advertise On Facebook?

BlinkJar Media creates, manages and places ads on Facebook.  In addition to ads, we also strategically and precisely boost posts such as: blogs, landing pages, photos and video.  

Facebook advertising reaches 89% of its intended audience.  This has become a tremendous opportunity to for businesses to share their products and services.  When used correctly, Facebook can be a valuable, efficient marketing asset.

Facebook is on 3 out of every 4 smartphones and over half of Facebook's users visit the social media platform on a daily basis.  Through the strategic placement of well designed ads and content, your brand can be presented to a massive, interested audience.

By leveraging the tools available in the Facebook Ad Manager, efficient, effective, trackable campaigns and posts can be created.  Through building fences around a precise market and targeting a specific demographic, results can be achieved with very little waste