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When The Content Well Runs Dry: Developing a Blog Strategy

Adobe_Spark_8.jpgIn the life of any writer, there comes a time (or many) when you just have no clue what to say anymore.  For bloggers who are responsible for fresh content on a weekly or daily basis, this is particularly true.  Let’s say, for instance, that you have a client who is a dermatologist.  After weeks, months, or even years of writing about skin, hair, and nails, you will likely find yourself thoroughly convinced that there is nothing left to say.  How can you possibly have a new and interesting take on the same topic you’ve been writing about for so very long? 

Just when it seems that proverbial well is running dry, there may still be valuable information to be shared.  Insight that, although it may feel repetitive to you, will resonate as fresh and informative for your reader.  All it takes is a fresh lens, a few different angles, and of course, some creativity.

Question It – Content marketers are keen on answering questions.  As you may have heard, “If they’re asking you, they’re asking Google.”  Consumers are taking their queries about products, services, and providers online.  And if they’re searching for answers, you want to be the one to provide them.  A blog should serve as an extension of the sales, customer service, and marketing teams.  Get input from as many team members as possible.  What do they hear from consumers on a regular basis?  What questions are being asked in person, over the phone, or online?  What concerns are being brought up in reviews?  All of these are fresh ideas for new content pieces.

Give readers the answers to your most commonly asked questions, and if you’re blogging for a client, don’t assume that they’ve given you all of their FAQs.  I recently wrote a blog for a chiropractor whom I have worked with for years.  The topic was ice versus heat therapy and when to use each.  His response: “That’s great!  Patients ask that all the time.”  Even after all of our time working together, this commonly asked question was never mentioned as a potential topic!

Slice It Up – To be completely cliché, peel the onion.  It takes a lot to fully exhaust a topic.  Depending on the nature of the business, it may not even be possible.  Consider your user’s progression through the funnel.  For those who are at the top of your funnel, keep it broad. They’re just discovering this need or want and are gathering information.  As they move along, you can become far more specific and detailed.  Here’s an example using our dermatologist mentioned in the beginning:


Here, you have followed this user all the way from their initial concern about adult acne to treatment for the scars left behind.  And it doesn’t end there.  You can blog about each individual product or service to treat acne or acne scarring.  Consider content to help patients understand what to expect during their treatment appointment.  The list can go on and on.

Make It New Again – When you feel like you’ve already said it all, say it again.  If you revisit a topic months or years after you initially wrote about it, you will very likely have a fresh perspective.  Consider updates to products, changes within your industry, and new service lines that may all mean updated content for an old blog topic.   

This is also a perfect opportunity to look into repurposing existing posts.  Take a look at your previous blogs and determine which have the potential to rank for some attractive keywords with a little bit of updated optimization.  Along the same lines, consider your high-ranking blogs that could use a little TLC to improve their conversion rates.  HubSpot refers to this practice of updating and rereleasing posts as “historical optimization,” and it has led to increased traffic and an uptick in blog conversions as high as 240% for some posts (more about that here). 

Let’s face it, blogging ain’t easy.  But it can certainly be simplified.  When you’ve reached the bottom of the content well, try these tactics for a creative boost, and let us know how it works out!

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