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The Google Guarantee: Too Good To Be True?

Google_GuaranteeOn a weekly basis, our medical clients receive numerous emails from random marketing firms with the latest Google ranking guarantee. The email usually “baits” our clients by pointing out a keyword that is currently not ranked on the first page of Google. The email then proceeds to guarantee a first page ranking on this keyword with a certain time period. These types of emails have increased dramatically as search engine marketing has become an integral piece of the overall marketing strategy for many medical practices.    

In crowded sectors like Dentistry or Chiropractic Care, any opportunity to gain a competitive advantage may be worth your attention; especially one that involves owning precious real estate via Google. According to a recent study by Google, one in every twenty searches on Google is health-related. This is a pretty significant percentage considering there are nearly 3.5 billion searches performed daily around the world. 

As an increasing number of patients search the web for information regarding their health, ensuring that your practice owns a portion of the local real estate on the first page of Google has quickly transformed from a luxury to a necessity.  

As tempting as these Google guarantees may be, they are extremely deceitful and are not to be trusted. While the list is endless of why your medical practice should not invest time and attention into these types of scams, I have listed three of the main reasons.

No one can guarantee rankings on Google 

On Google’s website, their guidelines clearly state: “No one can guarantee rankings on Google.” If Google itself is letting the world know that there are no guarantees in rankings, how is anyone outside the organization making these aggressive claims?  

Rankings are unstable

According to, Google changes its algorithm between 500-600 times per year, so the factors influencing first page rankings fluctuate often.  There are also over two-hundred indicators that are factored into an organic ranking, and many of these factors cannot be controlled. If many of the ranking factors fall outside the control of these companies, how are they able to guarantee results?

There are NO shortcuts with a successful search strategy

Search Engine Optimization is a marathon, not a sprint.  First page rankings cannot be achieved in hours. Ranking ten keywords in ten days is a fabrication. And, the first page or it’s free guarantee is a tall tale. If something sounds like it is too good to be true, it probably is.

A good search engine marketing strategy takes time and creativity. It also requires a much richer understanding of your medical practice; one that cannot be obtained through a random email. Resist the temptation to work with any of these firms making phony promises, because the only guarantee will be one of regret.


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