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8 Tips for Eye-Catching Social Media Graphic Design [INFOGRAPHIC]


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Social media platforms long ago took the turn from merely being a place to connect with friends to being a hub for nearly every aspect of day-to-day life.  Today, social media can serve as everything from a calendar to photo album to review site, and it has rapidly become a vital piece of the marketing puzzle for businesses of all industries and sizes.  

That being said, a social media presence will only be as effective as you make it.  For the most part, these platforms are laregly visual, a fact on which marketers and business owners are wise to capitalize.  In fact, research has shown that when paired with a compelling, relevant visual, people are far more likely to remember information presented to them days later.  

Take advantage of this visual connection between your audience and social media by incorporating original, eye-catching graphic design elements into your posts.  Not sure how to begin?  The infographic below will give you a solid foundation off of which to build countless pieces of visually appealing content!


social media graphic design infographic

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