Certified Google Adwords Partner

BlinkJar Media Is a Certified Google Agency




What Is Required To Become A Certified Google Adwords Partner?

BlinkJar Media is an industry leader in providing Pay-Per-Click Services for local businesses. We are proud to be recognized by Google as a Certified Adwords Partner. 

To become a trusted Google partner, agencies have to pass two Adwords advertising exams, meet a minimum spend requirment across a certain time period, and surpass the required level of best practices to ensure that maximum adwords efficiencies are acheived. 

All certified Adwords partners are listed in the Google Partners directory. Please view the Google Partner page for BlinkJar Media to review our qualifications in the partner program. Transparency is important to both Google and BlinkJar Media, so we have provided access to Google's Third Party Parnter Guidelines for the reference of any potential or current advertiser. 

Why Is It Important To Invest In A Google Adwords Partner Agency?

Because of the requirements set in place by Google, businesses are guaranteed the most skillful and proficient professionals when they invest in a Google Adwords Partner for their pay-per-click services. According to reports by Ignitionone, Google owns 73.7% of the U.S. paid search advertising spend. Stats like this one prove that the Google pay-per-click market is an extremely competitive one. Companies that invest their hard-earned dollars into unqualified companies are running the risk of receiving low quality leads, low valued clicks, and are wasting significant time and money.

A smarter approach for companies that are considering pay-per-click advertising is to invest their time and dollars in a company that has researched, trained, and passed the parameters set in place by Google. This approach eliminates many of the aforementioned risks. 

BlinkJar Media ensures better results with your Adwords campaigns through better campaign management. If you want your Adwords campaign to yield the results that your company deserves, complete the form in the right column for more information.