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    Inbound Marketing In Baton Rouge

    A team of Hybrid Inbound Marketers

    BlinkJar Media started in February 2012 as an idea formulated from an upstart non-profit founded by Jared Broussard. Fascinated by the concepts of Inbound Marketing, Jared quickly discovered he could take his traditional marketing background and apply this experience with the new strategies of Inbound Marketing. 

    Over the past few years, a team with diverse traditional expertise has formulated in an effort to build the largest Inbound Marketing agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our team combines content creation, search marketing, social media, and traditional advertising into effective marketing campaigns. In our experience, we have found it is the companies that combine traditional advertising efforts with their inbound marketing strategy that are more successful.

    At BlinkJar Media, our team has the experience needed for traditional media placement and the knowledge necessary to execute a comprehensive Inbound Marketing plan. More importantly, we have the fortitude to ensure these efforts are in-sync with one another.

    Our goal is to make marketing easier for professional business firms. Let us know if we can help your firm today.

    BlinkJar Media Staff

    Get To Know Us

    Jared Broussard

    Founder & CEO

    Starbucks 3x Week
    Sleeps Late
    Marketing & Advertising


    Dad, Husband, Inbound Marketer, Old Soccer “Has-Been." 

    Rikki Broussard

    Director of Media and Client Relations

    Detail Oriented
    Likes Little Caesar's Pizza
    Falls Asleep on Dateline


    Wife, Mother, Avid Reader, & the Only Person from Seattle with a Southern Drawl.

    Lindsey Blanchard

    Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant / Director of Content Creation

    Spills Coffee Before Drinking It
    Wins Ping-Pong Tournaments
    True Crime Obsession
    Percentage of Seinfeld Watched


    Wife, Mother, Avid Reader, Believes Ruston is in Louisiana

    Dan Davidson

    Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant / Paid Marketing Director

    messy hair dan-1.jpg
    Sandals at Work
    Percentage of Successful Projectile Bread Stunts
    HR Duties
    KC Royals Fan


    Husband, Dad, Content Creator, Adwords Maniac, Abandoner of Co-workers, Only Person in BR That Cares About the KC Royals

    Jessica Fletcher

    Creative Director

    Pretty Much Almost Miss America
    Love of Last Minute Design Tasks
    Size of Coffee Mug
    Desire for King Charles Spaniel Puppy

    Jacqueline Pierce

    Social Media Manager

    Jacqueline Pierce at BlinkJar Media
    Creative Energy
    Passion for Social Media
    Loathes Taylor Swift
    Collection of Vinyl Records


    Dog Mom, Proud Millennial, Janis Joplin in Past Life, TV & Film Enthusiast

    Ashley Roth

    Inbound Marketing Consultant


    Wears Outfits Co-workers Want to Steal
    Passion for Learning
    Bon Qui Qui Rap Lyrics
    Real Housewives Trivia Pro


    Travel junkie, Explorer at heart, Reality TV expert