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Paul Roetzer and PR 20/20: Blazing A Great Inbound Marketing Path

BlinkJar Media Congratulates PR 20/20 on eight years. 

In our personal and professional lives, everyone has that certain individual they can lean on as a positive and motivating example. This individual may be someone you look up to as living proof that good things do happen to people who take risks and work hard.  These role models are the ones that blaze trails of uncharted territories, so the people following behind them can learn the way and have an easier path. In my short career as the owner of BlinkJar Media, there are many people who I can point to as mentors of sorts.  However, there is one person, in particular, who has had a major impact on my career, but has done it in the most indirect way imaginable. When I first started BlinkJar Media, I really did not know this individual personally.  Rather, I read his book, and started to follow his agency through social media and industry webinars.  This individual is Paul Roetzer, owner of PR 20/20. The insight and information that were provided to me by Paul Roetzer and PR 20/20 team has certainly helped BlinkJar Media blossom and expand to heights that I did not think were possible. When I first started this agency back in February of 2012, there were no rules or guidelines that I could reference to create my personal roadmap.  When I discovered Paul's book, The Marketing Agency Blueprint, it provided me with sound vision and guidance at just the right moment.

The Marketing Agency Blueprint Is A Great Book written by Paul Roetzer

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If you are in the Inbound Marketing Agency world or the Advertising Agency sector, then you should do yourself a HUGE favor and read, The Marketing Agency Blueprint by Paul Roetzer.  For me, it is the most impactful book that I have read, since starting BlinkJar Media. I remember reading it from the front cover to the back cover in one weekend, and blasting off a tweet to Paul thanking him for the inspiration that he provided throughout the book.  Since that moment, I have often referred to it, and have even randomly communicated with Paul on certain agency questions and challenges.  Today, Paul and I are still just friendly acquaintances and will occasionally communicate on business topics. What I truly respect about Paul, is that he takes the time to provide genuine feedback and advice to people, like myself, who are starting to blaze their own trails.Paul Roetzer and PR 20/20 are celebrating eight years in business today.  I know Paul must feel like he has come a long way from those Panera Bread days.  So, from one Inbound Marketing Agency to another, we say congratulations Paul and PR 20/20!  Well done. Thank you for being our fearless pilot in these uncharted waters of Inbound Marketing.

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