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Will Duplicate Content Get You Penalized?

The more eyeballs that land on your content, the better it will perform.  Seems like a no brainer, right?  Yet, due to lingering misconception, many bloggers find themselves hesitant to place their content anywhere other than their own site.  Google is well-known for keeping their ranking factors and algorithms close to the vest, leaving it up to marketers to determine best practices between the few tidbits that are provided and their own trial and error. 

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Google AdWords for Your Baton Rouge Business: What Makes a Quality Ad?

If you’ve ever taken a road trip, you essentially have two options: the most direct way and the scenic route.  Now, no matter what your preference may be, they each have one thing in common; the destination.  Advertising and marketing are very similar.  Of course on our hypothetical road trip, the scenic route may offer better views and different experiences, but it also costs more in terms of time and fuel, and we eventually (hopefully) end up in the same place.  Taking the “scenic route” with your ad dollars can be an expensive mistake.  Avoiding unnecessary elements that consume time and money is crucial for an effective campaign that provides an ROI

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A Small Business Owners Guide to Tracking Local Print Advertising

Your website has been designed and optimized.  You’ve set a budget, defined your buyer personas and determined which local magazine is right for your company. You’ve even designed your ad.  Great job!

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Making Your Content Work Smarter: Blog Promotion

Previously, we’ve discussed selecting targeted long-tail keywords for your blog and how to optimize your posts for SEO purposes.  Mastering those two components are essential to your blog’s success, but there is still one last piece necessary to give your work all the oomph it needs – content promotion.  Unfortunately, this last step is also frequently overlooked. To steal an analogy from my boss, it’s like running the perfect race only to trip just before the finish line. 

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The ABC’s of Digital Marketing: A Baton Rouge Ad Agency’s Web Glossary

If you’ve ever sat in a meeting focused on your website or your digital marketing efforts you’ve likely noticed that there are enough terms, buzzwords, and jargon to make you dizzy.  Wrapping your head around this lingo can be a challenge.  The value behind these metrics and the definitions behind their terminology is critical to your overall strategy; however you need to not only know what each term means, you need to understand the trends, goals, and impact of each measureable. 

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A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Facebook Ads

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Paid advertising? Isn’t the whole point of inbound marketing that your wisdom and wit bring customers to you rather than your wallet? Well, sort of. Inbound marketing is about creating a reputable and accessible presence for qualified customers to discover along their buyer’s journey. Putting just a small amount of money behind a completely customizable post or ad on your small business’ Facebook Page can help increase local awareness and engagement without the headache of a long-term contract.

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Baton Rouge Marketing Agency Reveals the Missing Link in Radio Ads

Any how-to guide on writing copy for radio commercials will tell you to give a description of the product, mention its benefits, and maybe include a testimonial. You should also keep it brief and leave room for all of the company’s pertinent contact information. But what is often overlooked is the right call-to-action.

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Making Your Content Work Smarter: Blog SEO

You’ve identified desirable and achievable long-tail keywords to target with your blog.  You’ve put together a stellar piece of content that you just know will resonate with your audience.  Now, it’s time to take the steps needed to get it in front of them.  After all, no matter how amazing the content, it isn’t worth much if no one can find it.  Don’t let all of your research, time, and incredible wordsmithing go to waste.  Properly optimizing your blog for search engine optimization (SEO) can help your content become your hardest working salesperson.

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Remarketing, Retargeting, and Contextual Digital Advertising

Coincidence and context can be easily confused.  If you see someone wearing the same shirt as you, that could strike you as quite the coincidence.  However, if you’re at a sporting event and most people are cheering for the same team, seeing a person with a matching jersey may not be that surprising.  In context, a coincidence can quickly be revealed to be anything but.  The Google Display Network has brought this revelation to digital advertisers, and can be a powerfully effective tool.

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Business Ownership: 5 Insanely Quick Thoughts

BlinkJar celebrates five years of business today. As I was writing this blog last night, my six-year old daughter slept on the couch next to me, my nine-year old son had fallen asleep without showering (again), and my wife was battling a bad case of the Flu. Oddly enough, tonight is a microcosm of my life over the past five years. A life many would term insane, but I categorize it as insanely normal. If you're a business owner, you understand.

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The Epidemic of Banner Blindness

I remember a time, as a child, when I first had a computer at my disposal in the house. I was 7 or 8 years old, and doing history homework that involved finding information online. While using a very early — painfully early — version of Internet Explorer, I landed upon a site with a glowing, flashing, obnoxiously yellow banner that proclaimed that I'd won one million dollars. I was absolutely floored; I hadn't even had to do anything for it!

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BlinkJar Media: What Does It Mean?

In Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, we were introduced to the character of Jar Jar Binks, a tall and rangy Gugan outcast from the planet of Naboo.  Jar Jar Binks was a clumsy, well-meaning character that failed to endear himself to the public. To many, Jar Jar Binks was the biggest flop in the history of Star Wars. So, we want to set the record straight. Jar Jar Binks has nothing to do with the naming of BlinkJar. Phew, we feel better now.  

Naming your business is the first step in creating your identity as an organization. The name of your business is used in conversations, presentations, proposals, social media posts, and online searches. On a deeper level, your company name is the heart and soul of your existence. In his book “Start With Why," Simon Sinek states that “Nobody cares what you do. They care why you do it." When a company can speak to the why of its organization by referencing their name, then they have made a wise choice for the name.

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