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Inbound Marketing

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Traditional Marketing

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Creative Services

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Media Planning

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Content Creation Services Baton Rouge

Content Creation Services

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Social Media

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Jared Broussard

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  • Southeast Chiropractic - Increased organic web visits by 1,717% through weekly blogging.
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  • Third Coast Soccer - Increased Facebook Followers by 275% during the 2014 World Cup.
  • Barrett Distribution - Increased organic leads by 189% in the last 12 months.

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Local Search

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Online Advertising Agency Baton Rouge

Online Advertising

Increase exposure and interactivity in a focused and measureable way. Learn More...

Reputation Management Baton Rouge

Reputation Management

Reviews can make or break your business. Discover more... 

Web Analytics Agency Baton Rouge

Web Analytics

Identify the ROI in your marketing with marketing analytics. Learn more...


Baton Rouge Web Marketing: The Rise of Search in Healthcare

it turns out thatsearch can be useful for more than just quelling our rampant curiousity.  There probably isn't a better example of this than the way people are leveraging search engines to find healthcare solutions. In a recent Google Partners event focused on healthcare, there were some very intriguing statistics and trends.  Here are the highlights.  

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baton rouge pay per click agency news google clears right rail

Baton Rouge Pay-Per-Click Agency News: Google Clears Right Hand Rail

Google, the top ranked website and search engine in the world, has just made a major revision to the site that millions of people visit every day, and no it’s not the latest “Google doodle”.  Based on research and experiments that date back to 2010, Google will no longer show ads on the right side of the screen of desktop searches. 

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 Business Owners: Does it Cost More to Hire an Ad Agency?

How many calls per week do you receive from someone trying to sell you some form of advertising? Whether it is an unexpected visit from one of the account executives from the print, radio, or television outlets, or it’s a phone call from Google, Facebook, or YELP (to name a few), keeping up with all the advertising options can be overwhelming.

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Choice: The Delusion of Dan Lyons

I recently finished reading the book “Disrupted: My Misadventure In The Start-Up Bubble” by Dan Lyons. I do not personally know Dan Lyons, but I have met him several hundred times in newsrooms across America. Dan, like many other veteran journalists, has personally been affected by the disruption of mass media. This disruption is not only affecting news rooms; it is also creating disorder within the advertising departments of every television, radio, and print outlet across the nation. The traditional media model is being forced to shift or face extinction as advertisers are moving their dollars with the consumer.

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