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Jessica Fletcher

Creative Director



Hubspot Design | Email Marketing |Inbound Marketing

 Jessica is a small town girl who quickly adapted to the creative world. She began teaching herself how to design and code through MySpace in high school and realized that it was not only a hobby, but a passion of hers. As a graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelors in Communication Design, Jessica is determined to help others embrace and understand the importance of design. After five years of working in various aspects of design across the state of Louisiana, she has finally found her home among the pixels at BlinkJar.

Upon discovering BlinkJar, she quickly realized it was a growing agency of which she needed to be a part.  Not only was it the first agency of its kind in the area, but the growing trend of inbound and social marketing that the BlinkJar team had already begun to capture was a perfect fit with Jessica's desire to transition from the world of traditional media.  With a love for typography and an amazing content-driven team on her side, the creative possibilities for her are endless.  

When not making your website and graphics awesome, she's traveling, spending time outdoors, and finding the next adrenaline rush (or puppy) she can get her hands on.