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Does your website pass The Blink Test?

Over the past five years, we have witnessed a monumental shift in how people work, live and consume information.  Simply put, we live in an over-communicated world. 

The average consumer is exposed to over 5000 messages per day! What does this mean for your business?

In the web world, visitors judge the value of your website in a matter of seconds.  Hours and hours of hard work are distilled into one glance, when they decide whether or not your website is worth their time.  In the marketing world, they call this The Blink Test, and it refers to the commonly accepted 3-5 seconds during which a visitor lands on your website, judges it, and decides if they want to stay there and do something, or abandon ship.

What if there were a FREE and EASY way to see if your Website passes The Blink Test?

At BlinkJar Media, we have that system.  Simply fill out the form to your right and we will provide you with a FREE grade on your current website. This complimentary report will provide confidential insight into how you can improve your web marketing ROI.

By simply filling out the form to your right, a three page in-depth marketing grade and report will be provided for free. No further obligations, commitments or conversations on your part.