BlinkJar Media Brian Haldane

Brian Haldane

Inbound Marketing Consultant

and Creative Services Director

After more than a decade in radio, Brian made the move to Blinkjar with the hope of marrying the advertising world that consumers know, with the advertising world of tomorrow.

Brian started at Clearchannel Radio in late 2004 as a part-time board operator, but “made his bones” in the business a year later when Hurricane Katrina struck, catapulting him into a full time position covering both news and production of live broadcasts. Haldane was promoted to Program Director in 2008 and held that post until 2011 when he was recruited to help launch a new station.

In 2011, Brian helped launch Talk 107.3 FM. He was the morning show co-host, and helped build the show and the station into a top 10 performer. While talk radio has traditionally been about politics, Haldane didn’t hesitate to broaden the discussion by interviewing guests from not just the political world, but from the entertainment, pop culture, and sports worlds as well.

This willingness to step away from the traditional mold attracted Brian to Blinkjar Media. Brian brings a traditional radio background to an inbound marketing firm. His goal is to find a way for a business to take their advertising message of yesterday and adapt it to the communication methods of today and tomorrow.