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Why HTTPS Is Important For Baton Rouge Businesses


Last week, Google announced that they would be adjusting their page indexing algorithm to look for more HTTPS pages. This is a huge part of Google’s push for what they’re calling “HTTPS everywhere,” or, making the web more secure for everyone. Thankfully, this is a good thing for your business, and it’s a good thing for your customers.

What is HTTPS?

First, let’s talk about HTTP. We’ve all seen this before: it precedes everything else in a URL address. HTTP is an acronym for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol.” This is the foundational standard for data communication across the internet. HTTP is how your browser formats text and information by “speaking” to web servers. However, the information passed in HTTP can be very easily intercepted by just about anyone – outsiders can “eavesdrop” on the conversation going on between your computer and a website. Thus, HTTP isn’t a secure method for transmitting information that you would rather keep private, such as your credit card number. This is where HTTPS comes in.

As you might have guessed, the addendum of ‘S’ stands for ‘secure.’ HTTPS uses an algorithm to encrypt the data being transferred between one party and another by creating a secure certificate known as an SSL. This basically means that your computer and a trusted third party agree on a secret key that will unlock the information being transferred. You can think of it as an extremely complicated secret handshake between one computer and another. Without this encryption key, anyone attempting to eavesdrop on the information would find it to be incoherent and ultimately useless.

The Benefits of HTTPS:

Aside from the intrinsic value of having your private information protected, by moving your site to HTTPS, you will receive a boost in your Google search ranking. Google will now prefer to index and promote HTTPS pages over their HTTP equivalents. Google is always pushing for a better user-experience on the web, and it is clear that security is a very crucial part of an excellent user experience on the web today. This is a win-win situation for Google, for you, and for all of your web users.

In turn, BlinkJar Media is a company that is proud to be able to adapt rapidly to higher standards and to a better web experience, and we’re committed to doing the same for you. In the coming weeks, we will be working to transfer the domains of all of our clients to HTTPS in order to provide your users a safer, better experience, and to increase your presence on the web.


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