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When it Comes to Your Website's speed, not all Platforms are Created Equal.


As the web has become more ubiquitous and vital in our lives, so has the desire for a better user-experience. These days, it's often jarring to still occasionally come across a website that isn't mobile-friendly and requires you to pinch-to-zoom to read its microscopic text on your phone. And your site also needs to be fast: no one has time to sit and wait for a loading spinner. Even if they do, they're likely not going to have enough patience to remain on your website for very long.

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Will The Web Eventually Render Mobile Apps Obsolete?


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Web Design Trends For Baton Rouge Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you want to update your existing business site or are looking to build something from scratch, you'll want to be ahead of the curve on the very latest in web design trends.  Make sure that your site can stand out in the crowd and encourage user engagement by implementing the in-demand website elements listed in this infographic.

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