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Should I Invest in Local Media to Tell My Company's Story?

Every business has a story. Whether it is rich in family tradition or a tale of blood, sweat, and tears, everyone likes to tell their company's story.

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The Local Media Advertising Sale: Buyer Beware

Just the other day I told my friend I'd love some new dresses for work. Because she is awesome, she sent me a $50 off dress sale ad from Ann Taylor. I liked the dresses -- the style, the colors, and the length. The only thing that bugged me was the price. Even with the $50 off, the price was still more than I wanted to spend. Also, the marketer in me knew that they'd have a deeper discount down the line or I may find a similar dress at a different retailer for a lower price, and I would be kicking myself for falling for the $50 off incentive. So, I passed and moved on with my life.

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