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Facebook Forces Us to Spend More to Get Site Clicks

I spent the better part of this afternoon creating Facebook ads for 3 different clients in various fashions (site clicks, like campaigns, page boosts), and I hit an impasse numerous times with a new error message regarding ad budgets on site clicks. When the heck did that happen? I searched and got no answers.

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Video Marketing for the Medical Sector

For many in the medical industry, providing engaging and educational content for individuals at the point of an online medical query is one of the most pivotal and differentiating marketing tactics that a healthcare provider could take to gain new, potential patients.  In a blog post we published on Why Inbound Marketing Is for the Medical Sector, we noted that 77% of health information searches start online. 

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Another Reason for Content Marketing

Yesterday, Search Engine Land reported that Google will be making a HUGE change to their reporting.  No longer will Google report on keyword searches with the one exception of paid AdWords campaigns. 

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5 Irrefutable Reasons for Inbound Marketing

More and more often, we are hearing marketers and business owners alike state that they are hearing about this “inbound marketing” at conferences and in their email inboxes.  Certainly, there must be something to this increasingly ever-present subject matter.  Well, in fact, there is.

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Hashtags and Facebook: A Marriage, Long Overdue

Last week, Facebook rolled out news of their plans to make hashtags clickable and to enable users the ability to search and find content on the Facebook platform.  Do you hear the resounding cheers from Facebook users and marketers alike?

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VW Super Bowl Ads- Cheers or Jeers?

You can always count on Volkswagen to bring a fresh and alternative view to pretty much anything.  They are a lifestyle auto manufacturer, and they focus on conveying their marketing messages in a friendly and non-salesy way.

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Has SEO Become A Dirty Word?

Here at BlinkJar Media, we know the importance of being found on Google.  It’s one of the facets of inbound marketing that we specialize in and pride ourselves in understanding.  It’s not the easiest concept to understand or explain, and because it is an eternally shifting target, Google’s primary objectives and focus may change their algorithm several times a day.

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Why I <3 Inbound Marketing

I have always considered myself a problem solver and leader.  I have always been the team member that just went ahead and took the reins of the group project and got that ball rolling.  I have always been the critic that can tell you the ways to make your creation better.  I have also been “that person” that wants to offer up a solution that fixes your problem.   Carry over into real life. Marketing style.

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HubSpot: Inbound Marketing's Version of Atari

So, do you guys remember the Atari? The cool game center that revolutionized the home entertainment and gaming industries? Well, I can honestly tell you that I have never played with an Atari, and I only recall the single joystick with the red button.  It was before my time.

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