BlinkJar Media Andy Carter

Andy Carter

Director of Web Development

Following his graduation from LSU in 2012, Andy began working in graphic design and production. During this time, he saw how many traditional industries and business models were becoming radically and forever altered by the internet. This led him to develop a deep interest in the intersection between technology and user-experience, particularly all things related to web development and design. 

At BlinkJar, Andy found himself among a group of like-minded, talented individuals from a variety of colorful backgrounds. Most importantly, they recognized and embraced the values of adaptation and versatility in a world that continues to change at an incredible pace. For Andy, each project that BlinkJar undertakes represents a rewarding challenge that allows him to exercise his creativity and expand his knowledge.

In his free time, Andy enjoys writing and recording music, reading about science and technology, and trying various craft beers with his wife.