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Why Should A Business Care About Social Media?

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Every Day, it seems, a new social media network is created. As a local business, it is really hard to focus on all that has been thought up in the social media world. So, why should a business care about social media?

My answer is quite simple. Business owners should care about social media just the same as they care about Google. Why?  Because both are great and vital platforms to reach, engage, and connect with potential customers.  As is the case with Google, more of your potential customers hang out at the social media watering holes, so this is where you need to hang out. 

In television advertising, the old saying was to "go fish where the fish were biting". In today's world, the fish are biting in the ponds of Search and Social Media.

But, as a business owner, it sometimes can be way too overwhelming to implement a complete social media marketing strategy.  

Well, you are in the right place today. We are profecient in helping clients with their social media marketing. In fact, BlinkJar Media not only can advise you in the field of social media marketing, we are our very own social network.  You see, I am also the founder of, which is a social network dedicated exclusively to children born with congenital heart defects.

If you are interested, we have included a FREE and helpful whitepaper on starting your social media marketing for your business. This link is listed below and we feel this helpful tool will at least give you a quick roadmap on what items are important when starting your social media marketing efforts. 


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