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5 Items Your Website Needs Today To Start Generating Leads

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I cannot tell you how many clients I speak with on a weekly basis who tell me they are in the midst of a "redesign" for their company website. My first question back to them is always, "Why?".  The typical owner is happy with their website for about the first three months.  Then, after the "newness" goes away, the owner or their employees start to give feedback and opinions on improvements that could be made to the site. 

In television advertising, the same process holds true for the television commerical production.  Initially, the owner loves the new commercial, the campaign, and the feedback. However, as mentioned above, the "newness" goes away, and everyone starts to find minor improvements that could be made to it. The old saying was, "When the owners wife is sick of the company's television commercial, take the number of times it has currently run and multiply it by 5,000.  Take this number and run that same commercial that many times!"  In another words, you may be sick of your TV commercial as the owner, but new potential clients are coming into your market and seeing your commercial for the first time.

The same philosophy holds true for your website. Why invest thousands of dollars on a "redesign", when all of your new visitors do not notice or care.  The visitors to your website are looking for something interesting they can read and learn about.  And, that is exactly why it makes so much more sense to focus on adding to your sites Inbound Marketing efforts. Inbound Tools like blogging, email marketing, lead nurturing, and social media can help convert consumers TODAY.  The investment is much less than a redesign, and the pay off is significantly more trackable. 

So, do yourself a favor, and save thousands of dollars and countless hours of redesign work, and add some Inbound Marketing elements to your site.  If I were you, I would do it today!

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