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Business Blogging: Why Should Any Business Owner Care?

Why Should I Start A Business Blog? 

In the previous episode of BlinkJargon, we spoke about the basics of Inbound Marketing.  We explained the way consumers research and shop today has changed dramatically.  In our latest BlinkJargon video on Inbound Marketing, we talked about how smart marketers are adapting to this change or shift.  And, one of the most effective and convenient first steps a business can make in embracing this consumer shift is to start a business blog.

"B2C Companies that blog receive 88% more leads per month

than those who do not blog" Hubspot*

With all the marketing and advertising options a business owner has at their finger tips, it may initially seem like blogging may not be the immediate answer in solving any type of marketing challenge.  In fact, while the impact of business blogging extends to several major marketing areas, it is often overlooked by business owners. Smart business owners are starting to take a step back and are discovering the impact a business blog can have on their business. So, what are the benefits of a business blog? Glad you asked:

First, blogging establishes your company as a thought leader in your industry. Your company blog is an asset that will help you earn people's trust and stay top of mind for many in your community.  

"71% say blogs affect their purchasing decision" Hubspot* 

Thought Leader by blogging

Secondly, a blog will transform your website from an online brochure to a living, breathing hub for potential consumers. Every time a new blog is published, it is sending signals to search engines to rank your site.  Additionally, a blog creates a forum for potential customers to provide feedback, ask questions, and even discover more about your company.  Most of the time, the blog is bringing the visitor to your site for the first time, so it plays a critical role in introducing your company to the world. 

"Companies that blog have 55% more web visitors than companies that do not blog" Hubspot*

Business Blogging helps customer interaction BlinkJar Media

Third, a blog gives your potential consumers a way to engage with you versus being hit by an annoying sales pitch.  It gives both the company and the consumer a voice. Blogging allows your company to be a problem solver. As Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion states, "They ask, you answer." If the consumer is asking you a question, they are also asking Google this same question.  By addressing the answers to these questions in a blog format, you are positioning your company as a problem solver.  It also allows additional interaction with the potential consumer without having to go through the uncomfortable sales process.  

"Great content is the best sales tool in the world. It’s the best sales “person.” When we’re all asleep, it’s still working, teaching, and moving prospects in the right direction." Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

Blogging helps with annoying sales calls BlinkJar Media

Fourth, a blog will dramatically improve your search engine rankings.  Google loves indexed pages, and every blog represents a new indexed page in the eyes of Google. So, the more blog posts you publish, the more indexed pages you display for search engines to display their results.  A Blog is the fuel for your website.  According to Hubspot, websites with a blog generate 55% more visitors to their website than sites without a blog. 

"B2B companies that blog get 88% more leads per month than those who don't."


Blogging helps your site get found by search engines - BlinkJar Media 

A blog should not be a sales pitch. Rather, it should be a hub for brilliant and unbiased content in the industry.  It is a GIVE BEFOR YOU GET STRATEGY. Smart blogging allows prospects to connect the dots from remarkable content creation, knowing these same prospects will buy from your company when they are ready. 

One of the most important realizations on starting a business blog is that blogs are not an overnight success, but are a work in progress.  Blogs are a durable asset to your company that provides residual value for the future.  By having a consistent strategy with your blog, it certainly can be a gift that keeps on giving! 

Want to learn more about blogging? Check out our VERY BRIEF video on blogging below. It is a quick introductory to blogging, and it is right at 3 minutes long.  So, three minutes for a lifetime of leads...not bad!  

Now, it is your turn. We would love to hear your feedback. Have you tried blogging for your business?  What are some of the challenges that you have faced with blogging? We would love to know.WATCH MORE BLINKJARGON VIDEOS

*stats provided by Hubspot - An Introduction To Business Blogging


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