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Has SEO Become A Dirty Word?

SEO dirty word

Here at BlinkJar Media, we know the importance of being found on Google.  It’s one of the facets of inbound marketing that we specialize in and pride ourselves in understanding.  It’s not the easiest concept to understand or explain, and because it is an eternally shifting target, Google’s primary objectives and focus may change their algorithm several times a day.

Many educated business owners and heads of marketing departments know that they need to have Search Engine Optimization for their website, and many have either tried to do it themselves or hired a person/agency to do it for them.  The hardest aspect of SEO is that it’s not a rotisserie cooker- you cannot “set it and forget it.” It’s not a lazy marketer’s game.  There must be constant attention paid to the changes made by Google.  Now, we know Google isn’t the only search engine, but with approximately 65% of all search engine usage, it’s the horse we are betting on and plan to follow most closely. 

When SEO comes up in conversation, the topics usually follow the path of “keywords” and “ranking” or “algorithm.”   SEO has become so much more than all that keyword and algorithm speak, alternatively dubbed here at BlinkJar “old hat SEO methods” or depending on the case “black hat SEO.”  For so long, marketers thought that if they could just figure out the algorithm and beat that system with keyword stuffing, invisible text, or doorway pages, that they’d get their pages ranked higher and win at the game of SEO.  Well, that may have worked for them in the short term. But, the search engines have wised up, and all the trickery that old school SEO methodologies reaped will now actually get you blocked from the results completely. 

Believe it or not, the search engines, led by Google, have turned to rewarding a good user experience over all else.  If your site provides the relevant content searched for by the user, has many links to and from, and is indexing pages like it’s going out of style with fresh, informative, optimized  content then your site is on its way to winning in today’s SEO game.  Google wants to place sites that are authorities on any given subject matter at the top of the page.  In that way, the user will say, “Hey! Google helped me find this awesome info that answers my questions quickly, directly and now I can move on with my life in this beautiful information age. Thanks Google!”

The funny thing about SEO in Baton Rouge, really all over the state of Louisiana, is that there are LOTS and LOTS of firms out there “providing” SEO services to unwitting believers.  These SEO providers are hedging that the clients will be sufficiently satisfied with the minimal services of one time SEO and then invoice each month for their services.   Some companies simply have no business providing these SEO services either because they are grossly overcharging for the end result or because they have lost any idea of how to accomplish the task of optimizing the clients’ site due to the ever changing requirements of the search engines. 

For the companies who have realized that their SEO provider simply isn’t cutting it and who begin to investigate what has really been invested into their optimization in terms of time and energy for premium rates they are paying, most are left feeling like they and their websites are as neglected as my Netflix queue- set and forgotten, realizing long after the last DVD came and went that I’ve been paying for something I’m just not getting.

SEO is confusing as all get out, and we don’t try to pretend that it’s a simple concept.  However, SEO should also not have a negative connotation and should never be viewed as a “dirty word” in the eyes of business owners and marketers, even if they’ve been burned.  Not all SEO providers are created equal. 

BlinkJar Media makes no claims about being perfect or that SEO is our one specialization.  We can do so much better than just SEO!!  We can, of course, optimize your site and all of your new pages. BlinkJar Media can “one up” those SEO firms with awesome and remarkable content creation services, helping the search engines to recognize your site’s value and authority.  Yes, we can provide SEO services with the best of them, but we also speak English- on your level.  We want you to know what we are doing and to ask questions if you have them.  Funny thing though, SEO is just one of the cards in our deck.  We offer traditional agency services as well as a whole host of inbound marketing services (which includes your SEO).  We’d love to share with you a bit about who we are and how we can customize a plan for your business’ marketing, traditional and inbound or both.

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