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10 Reasons To Be Thankful Today As A Baton Rouge Ad Agency

Jared Broussard BlinkJar Media

A little over a year ago, BlinkJar Media did not even exist.  Through extensive research, an investment into a progressive and innovative web product in Hubspot, many sleepless nights, thousands of miles of traveling, and an extremely supportive wife and family, BlinkJar Media has made the last ten months of my life (and the first 10 months of BlinkJar Media) a complete 360 degree life altering experience (all for the better).  

Certainly, there is little time for reflection, as it is FAR too soon for that.  And, to put it mildly, BlinkJar Media is only scratching the surface for our local clients. So, we will always push forward and not look back. However, it is pretty cool to think of the marketing advancements and partnerships we have made in our youthful existence. Our goal, as an Inbound Marketing Agency in Baton Rouge, is to blend the on-line marketing efforts of our clients with their off-line advertising strategies. And, in just 10 short months, I believe we are well on our way to doing so.

So, as we sit here on the eve of Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for in 2012. We put together a short list of the 10 reasons to be thankful today as a Baton Rouge Ad Agency. Here is a quick list:

1. Inbound Marketing - The marketing and advertising world will never be the same.  We are certainly living in some very exciting times.  The whole entire marketing and shopping process is changing right in front of our eyes.  And, we are right in the center of it.

2. The Daily Blink- We are so happy to have a platform and medium to spread the good word of marketing and advertising to the business community.

3. Google - Where would be without you? It has really made every single business owner rethink every single aspect of their advertising.  And, if it has not, it certainly will.

4. Social Media- Some think it is a curse.  We think it is a wonderful means and medium to connect and communicate.

5. Traditional Media- We still feel there is power and efficiency in television, radio and print.  It just needs to be done in the right way.  There is still nothing that can replace it.

6. Analytics - Specifically, marketing analytics.  When you can track a person from the first visit to the time a conversion takes place, it eliminates any guess work on the part of the local business owner as to if their marketing is working or not.

7. Hubspot - The best and brightest innovators in the Inbound Marketing World. We love you.

8. Our Clients - Without the trust and support of our clients, nothing would be possible.  BlinkJar Media feels we have the most unique and special group of clients possible.  We enjoy helping each and every one of them grow their businesses.  As previously mentioned, we feel we are only just beginning the journey to marketing and business success.

9.  Growth - BlinkJar Media officially hired our first employee, so now we are double in size.  Click here to learn more about our growth.

10. Family and Friends- Last, but not least.  The support of our family and friends have meant the world to us.  If I did not have the love and support of my wife and children, this would not be possible.  

So, moving forward, we envision there will be much more to be thankful for, as we embark on some pretty exciting times in marketing.  What about you?  We would love to hear what you are thankful for during this time.  Share your thoughts below.

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