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What Makes a Successful Ad Campaign?

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Does a successful website take more art or science from the creator?

A successful ad campaign is a great mix of art and science.  The art is the creative side of the ad campaign.  A great ad slogan, well shot video with the perfect lighting, wisely crafted words for the script, and the perfect call to action to bring it all together, all are key ingredients to a well designed creative campaign.

The science of a successful ad campaign is taking the artform of the creative message and placing it in the best programs.  There is so much analytical data that provide us with the best programs for your message.  Analyzing the cost per point, cost per thousand, etc will provide the scientific conclusion one needs in the media placement.

So, what about your website? Does it take more art or more science to have a successful site? As with traditional marketing and advertising, a successful website does take both art and science.

However, we would argue that a successful website takes more art than science.  A successful website just feel right. The creator of the site will usually have their passion shine through in an artistic way.  A successful site reflects the passion of the creator who is trying to help and connect others.  Does your site do this?  Your business more than likely is your passion.  Does your passion shine through with your site?

With Inbound Marketing, the website of an organization focuses less on the design and more on the "call to action" of the site.  Does your site instantly make a user want to "do something"?  Is it clear what one should do when landing on your site?  It should be.  Being successful in Inbound Marketing Lafayette, is half art and half science.  But, if your passion shines through, your site will definitely be successful. 

In the new world of marketing, advertising, and PR, your goal should be to have your passion shine through on your website.  A well executed website, like an effective ad campaign, is the perfect combination of content and delivery.  There is absolutely no right or wrong answer in creating an effective website.  However, we feel that allowing your passion to shine through will be the best formula for success.

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