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Social Media For Business in Baton Rouge

If you are a locally owned business in Baton Rouge, and you are just diving into the whole social media world, please take a quick timeout and read this article.

Social Media for business in Baton Rouge should be used.  However, it should be used with the best intentions, and with the concept of "giving before you get".

Social Media is a part of the new marketing form of Inbound techniques. It should be used as a content mechanism that pushes out information that is informative and answers certain questions or concerns for your audience.  Inbound Marketing is a non-interuptive type of message.  It is not a megaphone blast to a mass market.  Rather, Inbound Marketing is an educational conversation that many times ends up being interactive with the audience and potential consumer.

Traditional advertising platforms (television, radio, and print) are more interuptive and less interactive.  By no means am I saying that the traditional means or platform is ineffective.  In fact, I am a true believer that these forms are effective for the right businesses when they are carried out correctly.  

Inbound Marketing is NOT traditional marketing.  People do not log on to social media platforms to be interupted by commercial messages.  If that tactic starts to be used by any local business, they will soon find out how ineffective social media can be for a local business.

Dont use a sledge hammer approach for Inbound Marketing

(Sledge Hammer Approach- Don't use it with Social Media for Business)

So, when using social media, always be willing to "give before you get".  Learn to interact with the audience in a non-interuptive way.  Resist the temptation to automatically sell your services to a participating member of the social media world.

In the end, when you take the unassuming approach, your business will benefit far greater down the road.  So, rather than beating the audience over the head with a sledge hammer of marketing information about your company, BlinkJar Media recommends that you blend into the conversation and become a useful resource to users when they need you.

Jared Broussard

BlinkJar Media

Jared is the founder of BlinkJar Media and  His passion lies in marketing and advertising.  To learn more about Jared, click here. 

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