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In our last blog, we discussed the changing and evolving world of search.  Specifically, we asked for your opinion and feedback as it relates to your specific use of the yellow pages. We really appreciate the direct and honest feedback that you provided.  It is always important to continue to stay in tune with the pulse of the community.

Today, we would love your feedback on your shopping habits for purchasing a new vehicle.  Like everything else, the automobile industry has been influenced by the evolution of the internet.  And when it comes to the category of Auto Advertising Baton Rouge, our world is no different.

Just 20 years ago, if you had your eye on a certain model and make of a vehicle, the research had to take place through publications like Motor Trend Magazine or Car and Driver Magazine. While these platforms are still viable today, they have had to adapt as well through the implementation of an extensive online model. In order to stay relevant in the automobile industry, these publications have had to integrate their old print model with the new and more fluid model of the internet.  These magazines and online websites allow users to read reviews about cars, see specifications, prices and more.

Today, websites like and are giving the consumer even more access and information in an instant.  When searching these type of sites, a consumer that is in the market for a car can search by model, price, and dealership. Additionally, the consumer can learn more about specific models by reading reviews, articles, and blogs. But, for some, this is way too much information.  So, these sites can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing.   

Just like in the past, there is still no better way to form an overall opinion of the sight, sound, and performance of a specific car, than to test drive it.  No matter how far technology progresses, one cannot develop an overall feel for a car unless they drive it. And, in our opinion, nothing will ever replace this experience.

However, we want your feedback on how you shop for new vehicles. Do you perform research on line for new vehicles?  Do you still refer to the magazines and publications like Car and Driver or Motor Trend? Or, do you immediately visit the dealership for research and information?  If you do search on line for vehicles, what is your main search platform?  Do you google certain words?  Do you use certain search engines?  Or do you use certain websites like and  In short, where do you start your search when you are in the market for a new vehicle?

BlinkJar Media would like your feedback on how you shop for a new car.  If you are not currently in the market for a new car, please tell us how you plan to search or research for your next new car purchase?  

Thanks again for all of your previous feedback.  We look forward to hearing about your search preference for new vehicles.  

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